Windows Applications


With over 30 years experience in specifying, designing, developing and delivering Windows based systems, we are very confident that we will be able to deliver the product you need. Our skills are both deep and wide spread covering all aspects of Windows development.

We work with you from the inception to completion of your product, adjusting the design as required when parameters or requirements change.


Whether you need be enterprise level client/server systems, n-Tier data processing solutions or a simple stand-alone application, we believe we have the skills and expertise to deliver your solution on the Windows platform.

We are skilled in the development of front end applications, back end servers and databases, middleware and WEB Services. We will select the appropriate architecture for your product whether that be a simple Windows PC, or a full blown Azure Cloud Delivery infrastructure.


Every problem has a solution but not all solutions are equal. We strive to provide innovative approaches to design problems in order to provide you with a simple to use system that meets your need. Technology is there to help, but only if leveraged in a way that is easy to use and understand.