We have produced a number of "Off-the-shelf" WEB based products that are directed at small clubs and not-for-profit organisations. These offer simple solutions to operational problems of running small clubs.


Many small clubs and non-profit organisations regularly have the need to raise funds. While there are already well established WEB based fund raising facilities for charities, there are very few that cover crowd funding activities. Club-Giving bridges that gap giving the small non-profit organisation the chance to use the same WEB based funding approach that charities do.

Once your organisation is registered, you can then set up events and set goals for those events. Your membership, or the public in general, can then donate to those events with the funds being sent direct to a PayPal account for your organisation.

It is simple, effective and gives you the chance to control WEB based fund raising.

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Having been involved in my local grass roots rugby club for a number of years, I was asked to set up and manage a club shop. Having scanned the internet for a club level stock management system I became aware that there was nothing available specifically for this niche or that could achieve what I needed at a reasonable price. Hence Club-Store was born.

Club-Store is a WEB based stock management system for a small club or organisation. It allows you to set up suppliers, record and track orders and deliveries. It gives you control over the administration of the stock items list and automatically maintains stock levels when deliveries or sales/returns are recorded.

Management reports allow you to quickly see the stock value, profitability and identify fast and slow moving items.

It provides a simple WEB based way to manage your club shop.

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